Edge Manufacturing is proud to be the authorized U.S. distributor of Giesser Cutlery Products.

“What started in a small forge in 1776 has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality knives and accessories.”

GIESSER CUTLERY122505-135″ Curves Boning Knife, Semi-Stiff
122505-156″ Curved Boning Knife, Semi-Stiff
122515-156″ Curved Boning Knife, Stiff
122535-135″ Curved Boning Knife, Flexible
122535-136″ Curved Boning Knife, Flexible
123215-156″ Narrow Boning Knife, Flexible
122285-218-1/4″ Filet Knife
122005-208″ Breaking Knife
122005-2510″ Breaking Knife
122015-2710″ Steak Knife
122015-3012″ Steak Knife
122405-166″ Beef Skinner
GIESSER BODY GUARD122518-135″ Curved Boning knife, Stiff
122508-156″ Curved Boning Knife, Semi-Stiff
123168-145 1/2″ Straight Boning Knife
123168-166-1/2″ Straight Boning Knife
GIESSER GRANTON EDGE122505WWL-156″ Curved Boning Knife, Semi-Stiff
122515WWL-156″ Curved Boning Knife, Stiff
122005WWL-208″ Breaking Knife
122005WWL-2510″ Breaking Knife
126005WWL-2410″ Butcher Knife
GIESSER POULTRY123185-10E4″ Pultry Knife
GIESSER PRIME LINE1211250-135″ Boning Knife, Flexible, Curved
1211250-156″ Boning Knife, Flexible, Curved
1211251-135″ Boning Knife, Stiff, Curved
1211251-156″ Boning Knife, Stiff, Curved
1212316-156″ Boning Knife, Stiff, Straight, Wide
1211200-207-3/4″ Breaking Knife
GIESSER PRIME LINE – GRANTON STYLE12251WWL-156″ Boning Knife, Stiff, Curved, Granton
12200WWL-208″ Breaking, Granton
12600WWL-249/1/2″ Butcher Knife, Granton
GIESSER HAM SLICER127305-ST-4016″ Ham Slicer Knife
127305-ST-4518″ Ham Slicer Knife
127305-ST-4920″ Ham Slicer Knife

Edge offers the full catalog of the Giesser product line. The above referenced products represent stock items only.