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EDGE Manufacturing imports the finest sharpening steels available French-made FISCHER© steels will meet the highest standards in the food industry. Fischer



SHARPENING STEELS - How to choose a steel:

Choose the wider shape of steel to have a better contact with the blade of knife, you will obtain the best sharpening results.
Round: the most popular and less expensive
Oval: more professional and preferred shape of European butchers.
Flat: the contact is so important that you can sharp faster and easier.

Regular : enables the sharpening – recommended for an occasional use – blunt knives

Fine cut:
to restore perfectly the cutting EDGE of professional blades. The most popular for butchers.

Fischer 60 Round Steel Sharpener


Fischer Dual Material Handle
Dual material handle:
(5 colours to ensure a strict separation of different workplaces. This ensures compliance with HACCP regulations.)
L295B (with traditional metal accessories)
L3305 (with wooden handle)


Extra fine cut:
To maintain a razor EDGE on an already sharp knife. The most popular for packing house.
L440R: oval

Fischer extra fine cut

Special coating:
W6327: Diamond coating. The hardness of diamond guarantees a perfect EDGE. “The feeling” of sharpening seems to be easier with this steel.

Fischer - Diamond Coating

Red Steel

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