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EDGE Manufacturing is a proud distributor of Giesser Messer Cutlery Products.

The history of Giesser Messer cutlery products dates back to 1865 when Gottlob Giesser opened his first cutlery and product shop in Winnenden, Germany. Through the years the family business continued to engineer new production method that led to the development of stronger knives for both industrial cutting operations as well as in food service.

The Giesser Messer plant is located in Winnenden-Hertmannsweiler and is still run by the Giesser family.


THE GIESSER MESSER DIFFERENCE ... How Quality Cutlery is Manufactured

Giesser Messer Cutlery blades are first stamped from high quality chromemolybdenum steel. The grinding of the blade is a fully automatic precision process. The blades are finished off by a master grinder using "old-world" technics.

Each blade is vacuum hardened to ensure that the blade is even and holds its EDGE. The finish of each blade is carefully polished for a smooth surface and a flawless finish. This finishing detail prevents rust and allows for easy cleaning.

The handle for each knife is designed to be ergonomically shaped according to the environment the knife is designed to be used in.

All Giesser Messer Cutlery products meet international standards and regulations for both production and food service uses. Color-coded handles also improve food safety by improving hygiene in food processing industry.

Before shipping, each blade is given a final honing and etching by a master craftsman to guarantee a perfect blade.

Giesser Messer

Cutlery Knives

Giesser Messer  Cutlery Knives